Sunday, 13 January 2013

Best Places To Meet Women: Best Places To Meet WomenWould you be shocked to...

Best Places To Meet Women: Best Places To Meet Women

Would you be shocked to...
: Best Places To Meet Women Would you be shocked to know that the majority of women would be embarrassed to say they met their significant ...
Best Places To Meet Women

Would you be shocked to know that the majority of women would be embarrassed to say they met their significant other in the bar? This fact doesn't bode well for guys who are trolling the club scene hoping to get a date. Even the purpose for which most see a bar, one night stands, is a myth. Less than 6% of women report having “relations” with someone they have known for two days or less. That being said where are the best places to meet women?

Friendly Networks

There are very less people who want to go on blind date,and studies shows that you are  200% more likely to meet a potential date through friends or family members. Of course, in modern times this still creates a problem for many men due to a shrinking social circle. A very prevalent question simply still remains; where are the best places? Since 1985 the social circle has actually shrunk by a third, contrary to social media hype.

What does this mean for the single man today? Perhaps it is time to get out and make more social connections. Researchers state that these do not need to be everlasting friendships or even close connections to help you with your dating life. Simply broaden your social circle and allow the new blood to bring you into contact with women you would not otherwise have met, who knows the “One” may be connected to these new associates.

Goals, Passion and Interest

How many times have you or a friend wound up with the nicest girl ever, only to find out you have nothing in common? Why do men and women tend to do this? Probably because they never thought to let their personal goals, passions or interests guide the dating process. Instead of seeking out the girl first, try looking to things you enjoy and meeting women in those venues.

What gets your motor running? Are you more a hike and bike type of guy or more studious? One of these interests should head to the library while the other may want to check out the park or local hiking trails. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it more often and better yet find groups, clubs or classes that go along with your interest.

It is highly unlikely that you are the consummate expert on whatever you enjoy doing, so look for classes in that particular genre. Do you enjoy traveling to other countries? A foreign language class could be one of the perfect place who are intelligent, attractive and who share your interests. Think outside of the box and take a Yoga class, attend a wine tasting or even head to the amusement park!

Time Constraints

There is no denying the fact that people are busy, more so than any time in history. However this does not mean you should save your dating search for the weekends. Ask yourself where are the single women? Not sitting on your couch in front of the big screen, that’s for sure! Single ladies enjoy taking part in social events, even those that occur in the middle of the week. Do not miss out, by sitting home and only getting out for those few hours on the weekend.

Final Thoughts

Individuals are waiting longer to become a part of a couple, which is making dating a study in complexity. Life goals and financial stability are the focus of many 20 something’s today and to find a partner you are going to have to be savvy. Is Saturday night the loneliest night for you? It is time you rethought your dating process, perhaps even get out of your comfort zone a bit.  Because as per studies women's are less in number compared to men, and most of the people do not love to go out of their radius, so you need to make the most of it now.